Is it really “Rebuilt”?

Is it really “Rebuilt”?

Here at Auto Electric Rebuilders, we specialize in fully guaranteed “remanufactured” starters, generators, alternators and just about every kind of electric motor you can think of. Simply put, we are your best choice when you need a top quality solution to your automotive electric problem.

We live in a complicated world. Sound decisions are not as easy to make as they once were. For example, if your starter quit back in the “old days” you may have had little choice other than to head down to the dealer where you bought your vehicle, and purchase a new one.

As time went on, automotive graveyards began to spring up around the country, adding another option. Remove the item from a wreck and install it on your pride and joy, hoping that it would work better than the one you took off. It wasn’t too long that the big merchandisers began to see a golden opportunity. The parts store offering “rebuilt” products. What a great idea you thought, so you marched down to the store, confident that by the very use of the word “rebuilt”, you would be getting an item that was as good as a new one for half the price. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t the case. Here’s why.

In most cases, a starter for example, quits working due to worn or sticking brushes. By removing the end plate, loosening or at best, replacing the brushes was all that was in fact “rebuilt”. A quick sandblast cleanup, a coat of paint and a nice box completed the process as it headed for the shelf, or worse… your vehicle.

What actually happened to that starter wasn’t entirely a bad thing. It was not working, so the defect was repaired, the item was cleaned and painted and away you went. The problem here, is that the actual defect or broken part was fixed or replaced, but the many other components that make up the product were largely ignored. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” was the rule of thumb. In short order, other critical components suffering from the same wear and tear as the part replaced may fail, leaving you back where you started, or more accurately, where you could not get started. This time, a little lighter in the wallet but no farther ahead.

Well then, are there any better alternatives to buying a repaired or for that matter, a brand new starter?
Reconditioned vs. Remanufactured

A “reconditioned” product is a step in the right direction. A starter that is truly “reconditioned” has had a little more attention that a repaired one. In this case, after he fixed or replaced the defective component, the technician took some time while the starter was apart and looked around for signs of wear and tear on other components. This was again followed up by a cleanup, coat of paint and a nice box. While you were now likely to get a more dependable product for your money at a slightly higher cost than the repaired one, you are still betting the farm on the longevity of parts that didn’t look too bad when the technician had the starter in pieces. Good mechanics still call these “repainted” not rebuilt or reconditioned products.

This brings us to the “Remanufactured” starter. This is where Auto Electric Rebuilders truly rises above the competition. A truly “re-manufactured” product is the result of a complete dismantling, down to the smallest component. (Click on the “Rebuilding Services ” button for photos of what we mean) Each part is carefully cleaned and examined for any and all signs of wear and tear. If there is any doubt, the piece is discarded. New OE or in some cases, better quality aftermarket components are used to replace any item that does not pass a close inspection. If a particular starter or other electric part has a known weakness of a particular component, that item would be replaced even if it appeared to be in good condition at the time. After a careful final inspection, the unit is reassembled and is subjected to a full diagnostic and testing procedure before it is put on the shelf or sent out to another satisfied customer.

At Auto Electric Rebuilders, remanufacturing is all we do, and we are confident enough in our work to say that we are the best in the business.

Today, the Internet has made just about anywhere in world as close as your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter where you are, Auto Electric Rebuilders can ship anywhere and can have what you need, where you need it, and when you need it. If you are in need of an electric component for your application, give us a call. You won’t get a fancy box, but you will get the best product at the best price along with the best service you’ll find anywhere. We guarantee it!