Many modern cars and trucks have quietly operating engine cooling motors (radiator fans) to bring cold outside air to the radiator.  In the past most fans were driven by a belt from the engine’s pulley

Today also many other pieces of equipment have them as well, ie excavators, farm equipment,   mowers, pavers etc.

These motors can run at different speeds, have their own fans, and many have their own fan housings (shrouds) as well.  They can be either 12 or 24 volt and some are even bi-directional, so they can be mounted on either side of the radiator.

Usually these motors run for 2,000 plus hours before needing replacement. At the end of their life they become noisy and then stop working.  The wearing parts are the brushes, bushings and the armature.

At AUTO ELECTRIC we can supply you with replacement engine cooling motors and fans for your vehicle or piece of equipment.  We are often asked if we can repair a rad fan motor….YES We can if the problem is only worn brushes.  Bring or send yours in for a FREE test and evaluation. IF we can’t fix it, we will give you a price on a new one!

TIP:  before you take your engine cooling motor out check that you have good electrical connections to the motor, and you are bringing battery power to it at its connector.  Also check that your thermostat switch  is OK, your fuse is OK, and if you have a fan relay, check or replace it! IF none of this works, it is likely you need to replace the motor!  GIVE US A CALL or DROP BY our shop. We will be delighted to help you!

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