An Exceptional Business Opportunity for an Automotive Technician


Doug & Tina Overbury wish to retire in the next 1-2 years and are looking for the right person(s) who can acquire this business and continue its success in the future

Aside from sufficient capital to buy and own the business there are several skills and abilities needed every day to operate Auto Electric:

Not in any particular order:

  1. Technical skills to diagnose and repair/rebuild alternators, starters and dc motors. This requires a college level understanding of dc electric motors, and a few years hands-on work in similar area. Specific skills can be provided through training by current owners.
  2. Responding to technical support calls or drop ins from customers. Usually testing is involved
  3. Responding to requests for price and availability.  Need to do quick lookups while customer is on the phone or at the counter. Price and cost info is well documented
  4. Responding to conflicting priorities
  5. Accomplishing pick-up and delivery requests; most customers come to the shop
  6. Managing finished unit, parts and work in process inventory
  7. Place parts and unit orders almost every day. Group to minimize freight costs
  8. Managing cash flow, collecting from customers, paying suppliers is a daily must do!
  9. Creating Invoices, tracking costs and accounts payable and receivable using QUICKBOOKS
  10. We have used QUICKBOOKS since 2004, and have all data on file.  Other accounting packages could work as well, you would need to be familiar with bookkeeping in general
  11. Make almost daily bank deposits for cash and checks
  12. Prepare and file HST reports and make payments every quarter
  13. Prepare year end statements
  14. Work with accountant to file year end taxes
  15. Maintain and develop company websites and online business. Website work is currently done by outside expert. We also have Facebook page needing work
  16. Make routine sales calls within Brockville to Belleville area and north to Hwy 7
  17. Maintain cost effective on line and print advertising ie yellow pages
  18. Maintain office functions
  19. Maintain shop equipment, replace tooling as needed
  20. Keep shop and office orderly and clean, Customers can come in any time
  21. Deal effectively with technical or business issues

Please tell us a little about your technical, sales and business background…and how it is a fit for AUTO ELECTRIC.     You can email me at

IF YOU ARE A QUALIFIED BUYER and are interested in finding out more about AUTO ELECTRIC send me a confidential email at or text me at 613 483 6973
Tell me a little about yourself and your technical/business background and why this business appeals to you, and any questions you may haveI will send you back our Non disclosure agreement to review and sign.
Thanks for your interest
Doug Overbury, P.Eng., MBA 

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